Welcome to Everything Solid - an international hub for new art practices, exhibition formats, performances and the like. Everything Solid is an online platform and newsletter where you will find texts written by and for artists, curators, and critics from all over the world.

Everything Solid is a result of our own curiosity and a wish to connect art professionals and people with an interest in art across borders. Being part of an undefined network where everybody is constantly on the move, we somehow lack a more established meeting place for these often volatile impressions and experiences. Maneuvering the waters of a Google culture, we wish to create an awareness about what is going on beneath the surface of the more easily accessible information and outside of the established institutions.

At everythingsolid.org you will find articles, essays, interviews and more, thus providing a platform for discussions, sharings, and new collaborations. At this point we collaborate with writers and artists in the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America. And we aim to expand – both the network and the format - in close collaboration with the people involved.